This 360 video was made as part of "Escapes & Reversals", a live performance that premiered in Chicago in 2019. I was interested in a characteristic of algorithm-based, social media culture, where information that presents itself as externally sourced, like news or a photographic document, in fact reflects one’s own biases, “likes”, and past history. Siting this kind of solipsistic vertigo in a VR headset made sense to me. Viewers have agency to look where they choose, but the “world” they survey looks back at them. Rather than performing a fictional scenario intended to immerse, the performers in the video move as the crew on a film shoot whose subject is you [the VR viewer]. They swirl and alight, again and again, enacting data capture as a disembodied voice from a news interview speaks of borders, sides, crossings, and security.

Use headphones for the best immersive experience. If you watch the video on a laptop, you can use the compass points on the top left of the screen to move around the image. If you have Google cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, watch the video on your phone by opening the link in your YouTube app, selecting the “cardboard” display icon, and placing your phone in the headset. Then put on out headphones and press play with the headset touch button.

concept: Ginger Krebs
sound: Joseph Kramer
performance: Maddie Kodat, Ginger Krebs, Naoki Nakatani, Zach Nicol, Harlan Rosen
videography: Phillip Bootsma, Anthony Fins, Parker Foreman
made possible by the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography at Florida State University

Ginger Krebs's performances use precise, systematic choreography, dry humor and perceptual disorientation to address forms of empire and colonization, surveillance technology and image-driven culture. Her work has been presented work recently in Chicago at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Sullivan Galleries, Bert Green Fine Art, Sector 2337, the Cultural Center, Loyola University, The Arts Club of Chicago, and the Chicago Artists Coalition.

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