All We Can See from Here imagines meticulous interdependence in the wake of pandemic isolation and chaos. Four dancers’ bodies merge to form interlocking shapes that can’t be divided into whole numbers – like mirrored particles shifting in a kaleidoscope. A geometric diagram on the ground designates the performance’s zone of operations, and proposes a world where resources are finite and equally distributed, and everyone commits to stay and “work it out”.

Pictured here is an iteration presented on June 11th. Viewers were invited to experience the performance in two modes at the same time: up close in three dimensions, and remotely on their phones, where they could access an aerial view from an overhead drone. The complete project will premier in Chicago in October 2022.

collaborating dancers: Kennedy Alexandria, Andy Slavin, Anna Goetz and Selena Lasley

drone videography: Justin Lynk

supported by The Chicago Park District's Night Out in the Parks 2022, The Bogliasco Foundation, High Concept Labs, and The City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

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