Ginger Krebs: choreographer and visual artist

All We Can See from Here
Steppenwolf Theatre
8:00pm Thursday, November 10th, Friday November 11th, and Saturday, November 12th, 2022

All We Can See from Here proposes a ritual of interdependence. Four dancers build a succession of symmetrical, interlocking “shelters” with their bodies. A geometric diagram on the ground designates the performance’s zone of operations, where resources are equally distributed, and everyone has committed to stay and “work it out”. When symmetry is broken, the team ceremonially re-calibrates to restore equilibrium. The performance features collaborating dancers Kennedy Alexandria, Andy Slavin and Lauren Kunath, an original sound score by Joseph Kramer, and costumes by Sky Cubacub.

See two brief excerpts of performance documentation.
Listen to an interview with Sharon Hoyer and Ginger Krebs discussing the project on the Means of Production podcast. (begins at 27:15)

image credit Justin Lynk

supported by The City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, the Illinois Arts Council, a Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship, Ginger Farley and Robert Shapiro, and High Concept Labs in Joint Residency with the Monira Foundation at Mana Contemporary.

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