sculpture and performance stills > Soft Parade

The Auditorium Theater, Chicago, 2014

Soft Parade investigates the fantasy of status and the violence that underpins it. Why do human beings seem to need fantasies of glory and specialness so badly? The "right" to “pursue happiness”, through self-help, consumerism, marketing, social media and even fascism haunt the space of the performance through voice over and written text, like sashes and swag printed with “enjoy!” “sweepstakes”, “100%” and “Strategic Horizons, LLP”. Navigating aggression, seduction, rebellion and obedience, the performers investigate how competitive attitudes are internalized, and how we might nevertheless choose to work together for our collective survival.

directed by Ginger Krebs
performed by Ginger Krebs, Dani Martinez, April Noga, Adam Paul, Jon Poindexter, Kevin Stanton, and Aurora Tabar, and musicians James Falzone, Charlie Malave and John Niekrasz
videography by Kitty Huffman