sculpture and stills > Meniscus

Meniscus addresses the human struggle between our longing for transcendence and our physical immersion in the world. Developed in response to the architecture of Epiphany Episcopal Church, the piece negotiates tensions between the restricted but verifiable horizontal plane, and the soaring but insubstantial promise of altitude. Movement in the piece spans extremes of weightlessness and density, touching on themes of buoyancy, single-celled animals, science fiction, disappearance, ventriloquism and prayer.

direction, choreography by Ginger Krebs
performed by Lily Emerson, Ginger Krebs, Carole McCurdy, Sara Thompson
sound by Russell Weiss
costumes by Ginger Krebs, Sara Thompson
props by Chuck Jarasek, Ginger Krebs
photo stills John Sisson
video stills Mike Gibisser

Epiphany Episcopal Church, Chicago 2008